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Mission Statement

We started in 1983. Ever since then we have looked for ways to improve our workmanship, new ways to improve the execution of the work at hand and to save money.  There is no shortcut to a beautiful floor.  Each step must be done correctly to the best of our ability to move on to the next step.

We are woodworkers by trade and  wood flooring contractors by choice.  Sequoia flooring and it’s employees spend time and money to improve our skills, attending national wood flooring advanced schools and on the job training to be the best we can be in our chosen profession.

Sequoia also uses state of the art products to ensure safety for our customers, employees and the environment.  That means our products are  VOC compliant and follow the strict rules of the EPA.  What this means to you is that you can rest assured your home is safe from harmful chemicals.

Business is something that changes everyday and we endeavor to learn about the new products, new techniques to install, sand, dye, stain and apply finishes to provide a cleaner, safer, and cost controlled experience for all our customers and the environment.

Sequoia wood flooring LLC.