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Below we have listed some of our most frequently asked questions from our customers. If you have a specific question that is not listed please feel free to call us: 508-259-9860.

Question: What will this type flooring look like in my home?

Answer: Each type of floor is applicable to many situations. The best thing to do is schedule an on-site meeting and look at different samples and compare with colors and size of rooms etc.

Question: My wife/husband hates those grooves that they make on the sides of each board. How do I address that issue.

Answer: Manufactures put those groves there to alleviate the unevenness of the sub-floor. Without them you would experience over-wood which causes splits on the edges and splinters.  The good news is that they have reduced those to micro-bevels and eliminated them completely on the butt ends.

Question: I’m building/renovating a large country/city home. Are there flooring samples that would look appropriate in my new larger home as it does in my current home?

Answer: There are so many new and existing offerings that I couldn’t list them here.  Take a look at our newly updated website and pick out a few you think you may like and a flooring professional can bring those and others to show you so you can make a better decision.

Question: Do I have to pay for the whole job all at once?

Answer:   No, we accept Visa/MasterCard, American Express.  So, not only do yo get a beautiful floor installed properly , you also can receive points for a flight somewhere exotic. Possibly, maybe somewhere where your floor was grown. Kinda like searching for your roots.  All kidding aside, it’s a great deal.  Don’t forget, banks are very eager to lend as a personal loan, home improvement etc. Just a thought.

Question: Who is going to install my floor?

Answer: There are many options.  We have certified installers that can do it for you.  You could employ someone on your own or we could give you directions on how to do it yourself.

Question: What about warranties ?

Answer: Each floor depending on manufacture, style of floor and installation process comes with a warranty. Some at 35 years and up to 50 years.

Question: How can they offer a warranty for that long of a period?

Answer: In one word, Technology.  The finishes on our flooring have a product called “ Aluminum Oxide”. This is one of the hardest finishes for flooring today. It’s so hard they make special sandpaper to remove it for refinishing in 50 years. The other durable product is called “Hard Wax” finish.  This finish is burnished into the wood at the factory and protects from within. It also gives you that smooth satin finish that is very popular.

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