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About Sequoia

Founded in 1983 by owner Gary Dessert, the Sequoia Wood Flooring Company of Dover, Massachusetts has been successfully designing and installing distinctive wood flooring for over 30 years. Sequoia started as an ambitious one-man show – out of a small pick-up truck using only rental equipment. The company has grown into a full-fledged, highly successful, commercial and residential wood flooring enterprise – offering high-end, fully customizable, wood flooring solutions.

Gary is a skilled artisan who is extraordinarily passionate about his work and dedicated to ensuring his customers are just as passionate about the final product he delivers. Gary mentored beneath one of the greatest master flooring experts of his time – Birger Juell. Juell’s techniques for old-world, hand-scraped and finished wood floors are respected by wood flooring professionals the world over and have been a significant influence and inspiration in Sequoia’s success and customer satisfaction.

After many years of working closely with Birger Juell, Birger offered Gary the esteemed position of working directly with him in Chicago, but the timing was not quite right. Dedicated to his loyal New England customers, Gary continued to build his business and client list – working with Boston’s high-end decorators, demanding contactors, and commercial and residential clientele.

Gary Dessert is a respected member of the (NWFA) National Wood Flooring Association. He and his highly skilled staff work diligently with their clients and continue to educate themselves on state-of-the-art techniques through the (WFCA) Wood Floor Covering Association.

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