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How Sequoia is Changing the Flooring Industry

Gary Dessert started the Sequoia Wood Flooring Company in 1983. He had great ambition for a guy working out of a small pick-up truck. His story is a great lesson for anyone with a dream, no matter what your industry. Dessert’s skill, passion and dedication to delivering a perfect product caught the attention of renowned flooring experts. He was even offered a position to work in Chicago with one of the best. But he was dedicated to his New England customers.

What could have seemed to others as a missed opportunity ended up being the beginning of the Sequoia company you know today, specializing in New England and growing to the extent that we can offer a wide range of flooring products. From hardwoods and luxury vinyl tile to high-end carpeting, Sequoia is known for its comprehensive selection. It’s also known for the pioneering way we do business. Ordering directly from the manufacturer is increasingly popular with homeowners, and there’s a good reason for that.

How the Flooring Industry is Changing

With more than 30 years of experience, Dessert, the founder of Sequoia, has seen a shift in how customers pick and choose their flooring, as well as how they have it installed. Too many large chain stores will offer products in their showrooms, but the sales associates working in the store have no idea how to install the product properly, how to maintain it, or answer many of the questions customers may have.

In addition, when customers order a product from a large chain to be installed, the chain will work with a third-party contractor, and the lines of communication between store and contractor won’t always be clear. The result: customers have grown increasingly dissatisfied with the way flooring/home store chains are doing business.

Enter Sequoia, a company that has definitely grown, but has never lost the basic values of working with the customer from start to finish.

Purchase, Installation & Maintenance

From your first contact with Sequoia, you’ll know you’re dealing with a different kind of company. When you request an in-home consultation, Sequoia’s flooring experts will discuss options with you based on what you want to do. If you have questions about switching to hardwood from carpeting, or if you’re wanting to install carpeting in certain rooms of your home, you can ask questions about cost, resale value, how to select a product that works with your home’s décor—and you’ll get answers.

It doesn’t stop there. The same company you consulted with is the SAME company that manufactures and installs the product. Customers don’t feel like they’re talking to separate entities that aren’t speaking to each other, which is a common frustration among homeowners who do renovation projects.

Next, once you have the product installed, how many times have you felt as though a company got your money and didn’t care about you after that? You may have had a hard time getting anyone on the phone when you had a question. With Sequoia, you’re treated like a member of the family. You can contact us long after your project is completed. If you have questions on the care and maintenance of your floor, we will answer those questions.

You can also visit our website and check our FAQs. Our weekly blog provides advice and guidelines for those of you who are considering various flooring products or who are looking for ways to prevent damage or find cleaning and maintenance solutions. We cover an array of topics so that our customers—and potential customers—will be able to make informed choices.

The story of Sequoia’s founder proves that even in the digital age, you can’t beat dedication, ambition, and a personal touch when communicating with your customers. Nothing can replace genuinely caring about the people whose homes you help to transform.

The Sequoia Wood Flooring Company knows this better than anyone. Contact us today for an in-home consultation.