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Your Questions about Monocoat Answered

Many homeowners love Monocoat floor finishes. What’s so special about them and why should you consider using them?

Monocoat finish is an all-natural, plant-based oil floor finish. This means it’s extremely durable AND completely non-toxic. In an age when everyone is concerned about the chemicals they bring into their homes, this is one product that will pass the environmentally-friendly test.

More Monocoat benefits

Monocoat finishes come in a wide variety, including a clear finish and more than 25 different color finishes. The best part? They can all be applied with just one coating. That’s less hassle, less fuss. How great is that? Making life even easier for homeowners, Monocoat finishes are easily maintained and great for touch-ups.

Why does it work so well?

Monocoat finish bonds to the wood at the molecular level, so there isn’t any film or oil on the surface to wipe off. It doesn’t get saturated, because the wood takes only what it needs.

What’s the difference between Monocoat and polyurethane finishes?

Monocoat is natural, giving the wood what it needs and keeping it healthy with just one coating. Poly-type finishes create a barrier between organic materials and the wood, sealing it as a means of protecting it.

On what wood does Monocoat work best?

It’s easier to finish an oak floor, or other hardwoods. Tight grained, oily woods don’t work as well and tend to leave an oil residue.

What types of floors should not be treated with a Monocoat finish?

You can apply a Monocoat finish to nearly any type of wood floor. However, it’s not recommended for really old wood floors with lots of cracks and splits in them. In those instances, you’ll want to use a poly finish to seal up any cracks. Depending on the level of damage, you may need to apply four or five coats of polyurethane to protect your floor. Usually, you’ll find these problems when a floor is very old. You may need to consider replacing the wood at that point.

What Monocoat finishes are available?

There are many products of Monocoat finish, including Monocoat Smoke, which was developed to give an ammonia-smoked quality to oak. When it’s used, it makes the oak appear aged. It will also make it darker depending on the amount of tannins in the oak. Treating your oak floor with this finish can create a lot of interesting effects. If you’d like to darken the grain to match your cabinets, or simply to change the ambience in your home, you can get a very nice, customized look.

What you need to remember about Monocoat finishes is that they work on all types of species of wood, particularly hardwoods. They don’t give off any toxic fumes or vapors, and are environmentally safe.

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