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We do it all!

When it’s time to purchase new flooring for your home, many people don’t realize that the stores they buy from will only take you half the way. Sequoia is a one-stop shop for purchasing and installing floors.

Buying from flooring retailers

Did you know that when you buy from a high-end flooring store, they will hire a contractor to install it for you? So you have to ask yourself—do you really want to buy from a place that only knows a few talking points to help sell you a floor, but doesn’t have the expertise to tell you what types of flooring works best in what room, as well as how to install it?

At Sequoia, we’re experts in all stages of the process. We can advise you on the best products to match your particular needs. And we can see you through all the way to installation without having to go through a middle man (contractor).

How many times have you dealt with companies who hire a third-party to get work done, and then when something goes wrong, they won’t claim responsibility? They’ll tell you to contact “Joe’s Contracting” because “we don’t handle that.” That’s when you realize, usually too late, that the store is all about selling the products, and they can’t wait to move them—and you—out of the store!

Other flooring stores, including those who predominantly sell rugs, have added a “hardwood section” in their stores. But they too will use outside sources to do installation. Most retailers only care about selling you a product.

How Sequoia is different

Think of Sequoia as a trusted partner who will walk you through every stage of the project. And yes, we’ll continue to talk to you long after you’ve purchased a flooring product from us! After all, wouldn’t you rather buy from professionals who are trained and certified in the products they’re selling?

The experts at Sequoia are NWFA certified to install, sand and finish your hardwood floors. So when you choose us, you can relax, knowing your floors are in good hands.

Do you have everything you need?

Did you know that not all stores sell the products necessary to complete the project? You’ll have to go to more than one store, or try online, to find exactly what you need.

We have everything you’ll need for the products we sell. We have access to every type of wood floor and can sell it for less because we have no overhead cost.

The choices are limitless

Sequoia sells unfinished, prefinished, engineered flooring, wide planks and floating floors. Though we’ve talked a lot in this blog about using the proper finish, it’s important to know we sell prefinished floors as well. We can install them in a day—no fuss, no muss!

Benefits of prefinished floors

The finish is already applied, so you don’t have to go through any extra finishing process. They’re immediately ready for your furniture. They’re good to go! A prefinished floor has wood underneath, and the top layer is a baked finish, which lasts longer than any other kind. It’s very tough and durable, better against sand and grit, and even handles spills better.

We do it all

We sell, finish and install every type of floor. Pretty soon, we’ll be putting samples on our website. In the meantime, call us to talk to professionals who will do it all for you!

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