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You’ve heard about having your hardwood floors sanded and refinished, but did you know your floor can last decades without needing to be refinished or needing a new coat of varnish? If you follow these simple tips, you can keep your floor looking like it was just installed.

  1. Vacuum every week.

You could also vacuum every day, but since many of us lead super busy lives, that may not be feasible. If you vacuum often, you’ll remove the grit and dust that gets trapped. That’s important to do, because over time, this grime acts like sandpaper, causing your finish to wear down and look old prematurely. Keep in mind, when you vacuum, don’t use attachments with rotating brushes or a beater bar. These can scratch the surface of your floor. Don’t have time to pull out the vacuum? Need a quicker solution? Try using a dust mop that’s only slightly damp, almost dry. Swiffer works well, too.

  1. Beware of everyday household products that can cause damage to hardwood floors.

Keep the furniture polish off your floor. When you use it to dust furniture, be sure to wipe it off the floor with a damp cloth immediately. The same is true for products like hairspray. These can harm your floor’s finish. So try to spray your hair in the bathroom on a tile floor if possible.

  1. Don’t let in the rain.

Water is an enemy of hardwood floors. It can soak in deeply, ruining the finish and ultimately staining the wood. When it’s going to rain, close the windows. Put trays underneath potted plants. If moisture does get on your floor, quickly wipe it up. Then it won’t have time to do any harm. Since many of us can’t completely avoid spills and other mishaps, wiping with a dry cloth immediately usually does the trick.

  1. Don’t use vinegar on hardwood floors.

You may have heard to use vinegar or vinegar-diluted solutions to clean your floor. Don’t do this, because the acid in the vinegar can dull your finish.

  1. Even if you don’t have a baby, you can still use baby products as surprising floor cleaners!

Diaper Genie? Believe it or not, cloth diapers can be used for buffing your wood floors because they’re soft and absorbent.

  1. Know the rules about rugs.

Use area rugs in places where there is a lot of foot traffic to keep your wood floors from getting worn. However, don’t use rugs that have vinyl or rubber backing on them, because these materials can trap humidity, and this can damage the wood. Another hint: Get 4- to 6-feet mats for front and back doors. More dirt and moisture will come off everyone’s shoes, even if they don’t stop to wipe them.

When in doubt, always check with experts who can advise you on the most effective cleaning methods for your particular wood floor.

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