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Among the most popular wood flooring is oak and maple. But when you’re choosing flooring for your bedroom, it can be difficult because the harder woods aren’t the most comfortable when you first step out of bed in the morning, and they can also be noisy when you walk on them.

Cork for your bedroom?

Did you know that cork is among the best flooring for bedrooms, as well as other rooms in your house? Its softness and warmth makes it a great choice. It’s also a good insulator, so it absorbs sounds, not to mention it’s very comfortable to walk on.


Cork comes from the bark of a tree. It may interest you to know that the trees are not destroyed. They’re allowed to regenerate new bark, which makes cork a sustainable material.


Cork has a warm and natural look, with grain patterns that have “whirls and speckles” that add interest to your floor. It comes in tiles or planks with a laminate construction. The top layer is glued to a stable core material. Cork may either be glued down or installed as a floating floor. (A “floating floor” is clicked together with tongue-and-groove joints, and no glue is required.)

Most cork flooring is prefinished but should be resealed every few years to help renew the top layer, guard against stains, and seal out any moisture.

The best sealers for cork flooring are polyurethane and wax. Be sure to get water-based polyurethane, because it’s non-toxic.

Antimicrobial benefits

Besides looking nice, there are additional benefits of cork. It’s a natural material that’s resistant to mold, which makes it safe for your family. If you have mold or other allergies, installing cork flooring in your home is a smart choice.

Other rooms in your house

Some people like having cork in the kitchen and main living areas, especially if they have feet or back problems. Because cork is spongy, it can feel like you’re wearing cushiony sole shoes even when you’re barefoot, walking on it. The way it’s constructed, cork has a “memory” that enables it to spring back into place once any type of force is removed.


Don’t let the softness of cork fool you. It’s also a very tough wood flooring choice. There are many homeowners with children and dogs who swear by it. So ask around, talk to people you know, and learn as much as you can about different kinds of wood before making a decision.

Keeping your cork floor clean

Cork is very easy to maintain. Simply sweep once a week and use a slightly damp mop every two weeks. Just use water, no fancy cleaning materials. That’s it.

To learn more about cork, consult with professionals who know about flooring. Sequoia- Ltd LLC sells cork, as well as many other types of wood flooring. We’re dedicated to helping you make the best flooring choices for your home. Talk with us today!