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Engineered wood floors have many benefits over other wood flooring options. However, not all engineered wood floors are alike, and it would be best to rely on quality manufacturers such as sequoia-ltd.com. Engineered floors are being made to suit all budget categories, which means a cheaper version will not be of high quality, and therefore you should not be fooled into thinking that you are obtaining a fantastic product at a bargain price.

Quality and Pricing

The quality of engineered wood flooring mainly depends on the species of wood used and the thickness of the wear layer. The wear layer is the top veneered layer, and its thickness can vary from 0.6mm to 6mm. When you flip the switch for a thicker wear layer, you have the ability to sand and refinish the floor multiple times during the lifetime of the floor. For instance, an engineered floor having 4mm wear layer has a life of about 80 years, and it can be sanded and refinished at least four times during this lifetime. On the other hand, a cheap floor having a wear layer of 0.6mm cannot be sanded since that would expose the nails underneath.

Why Select Engineered Wood Floors?

The main advantage of quality engineered wood floor compared to solid wood flooring is that it is ideal for places with above or below normal humidity levels. Engineered flooring can withstand changes in moisture levels and it can even be used in damp basements. Secondly, you can glue this flooring directly over a concrete slab or staple it over a subfloor of wood.

Another advantage of installing quality engineered wood floors is that there will not be any change in the value of your house, compared to a house with solid 3/4 inch wood flooring. Secondly, engineered wood flooring is a greener alternative so you can help conserve forests from being harvested. For making one square foot of solid wood flooring of 3/4 inches thickness, you need four times the wood that would be needed for the same area of engineered wood flooring.

Choices Available in Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is available in wide range of colors and board width. Narrower boards will provide a formal look, while boards more than four inches wide will provide a rustic appeal. The choice of color will mainly depend on your personal preference and existing room décor. While lighter colors go with almost all decors, you might want to press the button for darker shades where your room décor is predominantly dark.

Apart from smooth surfaces, you also have a choice of hand scraped and character varieties in engineered wood flooring. Hand scraped finish will reveal more character of the board along with knots and pinholes.

Prefinished Flooring

If you want to eliminate the sanding and refinishing tasks at the place of installation, you could point your finger towards prefinished flooring, where everything is completed at the factory and receive the delivery of a perfectly finished floor. This means you can immediately start using the room after the installation, rather than waiting for the finish to be applied and standing bye for it to completely dry.

With quality manufacturers like sequoia-ltd.com, you are assured of multiple coats of aluminum oxide finish, which provides much more durability compared to unfinished flooring.

Correctly Installing Engineered Wood Flooring

Even though engineered wood flooring is comparatively easy to install, you need to consider certain aspects, especially during months of high or low humidity. Quality engineered wood flooring will also react to a certain degree to moisture, and therefore you need to acclimatize the wood and leave the necessary gaps for accommodating expansion or contractions.

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