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We recently saw a very cute new product to prevent dog nails from scratching wood flooring: booties for your pooch! AllDogBoots makes outdoor boots for dogs large and small, but also has a line of “slippers” and indoor shoes for dogs that are designed to help prevent older dogs from slipping on wood or other slippery flooring surfaces.  They advertise that the indoor boots are great for preventing scratches to wood floors and come in a variety of designs and sizes.

While dog booties might be a bit extreme solution, scratches really are an issue on wood flooring.  Newer finishes are stronger and more resistant to scratches, yet a certain amount of care is necessary to protect your beautiful wood flooring and to keep it looking like new.  Here are some tips that we hope are helpful in protecting wood flooring from scratches.

Ban Shoes from Outside
For centuries cultures in the East have changed shoes between indoors and outdoors for sanitary reasons.  Even at giant companies like SONY in Japan, everyone removes their shoes in the lobby to don slippers for indoor use.  Dirt, grit, and small pebbles that stick to shoes will scratch wood flooring and should be left at the door.  A bench or chair will of course encourage better compliance.

Should this not be a practical solution for your home or office, at a minimum offer shoe wiping mats at home entrances.  The less debris tracked in from outdoors, the less chance of scratching your wood floors.

Immediately Mop Up Any Debris
The sooner you clean up any spilled or tracked in debris, the less chance there is for scratches to me made.  A simple dry mopping can remove the types of larger particles that when left down can scratch flooring.

Use Furniture Pads
Even on furniture that you don’t intend to move, be sure to apply furniture pads to protect your wood flooring from scratches.  Any unexpected movement such as being bumped into by a fast-moving family member can scratch the wood floor’s finish.  And in high traffic areas, these scratches build up.

With some care, your wood flooring can be protected from scratches.  When you do get any scratches, Sequoia can help with repair services that will keep your wood flooring looking like new for years to come.