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The days are finally getting warmer, the birds are singing and Spring is in the air in winter-weary New England.  Now that families are no longer tracking in sand, salt and snow, however, the awful condition of your beautiful wood flooring is even more apparent.  What’s a homeowner to do to bring a wood floor back to the pre-winter condition?

The solution is to either recoat or completely refinish and the decision between the two options really depends upon the extent of winter’s wear and tear on your wood floors.  Let’s examine both choices in detail.

Recoating a wood floor To recoat a wood floor, only the top finish is removed and then a new layer of finish is applied.  Recoating is great for minor damages such as light scratches or general wear due to the elements.  Recoating is also great for restoring the beautiful shine of the original floor.

Complete cleaning is key in recoating a hardwood floor and with diligence you can be sure to eliminate dirt by dry vacuuming or mopping at every step of the process.  Essentially the old finish alone is lightly sanded away and replaced, giving the wood flooring an entirely new look and most importantly, a new lease on life.

Refinishing However if damage to your wood flooring is extensive, recoating will not be sufficient to hide the aesthetic problem, plus underlying structural problems will be, well, swept under the rug only to rear their ugly heads in the future!  Especially if there is water damage from ice and snow being tracked in and not wiped up quickly, replacing or refinishing may be the only option to ensure the long life of the floor. To refinish a wood floor, the floor is prepped with a more substantial sanding process in order to remove all finish, scratches and dents.  New stain and finish can then be applied. The nice thing about re-sanding is you have an option to completely change the color. If a darker stain is what you were hoping for, now is your chance.

The winter of 2015 tested the resolve of even the most diligent homeowners when it came to keeping sand, salt, ice and snow outside and not inside on wood

flooring.  But life sometimes gets the better of us, and simple maintenance such as recoating or refinishing can extend the life of your floor and restore the beauty that makes wood flooring an asset in any home.

Whether you choose to recoat or refinish, certified wood flooring experts such as Sequoia wood flooring company can make it a less daunting task and complete the process in a few short days.  Contact us today for a consultation on which option fits your floor’s condition.