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In the past the most commonly used plank width was 2-1/4″ partially because it is a more economical wood flooring material option.  However, in recent years we’re seeing more beautiful floors through the utilization of wider planks.  Here are the pros and cons of going with wide plank wood flooring in your own home.

Creates an Expensive Look The cleaner look of wide plank wood flooring also gives it the appearance of a luxurious and expensive floor covering.  This may be why the trend started in high-end custom homes.  Planks in the 3” to 5” range can up the perceived value of wood flooring, and in some homes we’re seeing use of as much as 12” wide planks for a spectacular image.

Enhances Wood’s Beauty  Obviously, with wider planks there are fewer seams so that the beauty of the wood’s natural features such as grain clearly shows through.  Woods such as elm, ash, pine or cherry with lots of natural features will have even more impact.  So, when thinking about plank width you might also integrate the complexity of the wood type into your decision process.

Works with a Variety of Décor Styles You can get wide plank wood flooring in just about any wood species, making it a perfect choice for almost all styles of home interior.  Some of the first examples were in Colonial era homes, replicating a time when making wider planks was the method of choice due to the tools available.  Combined with finishing techniques such as hand-scraping and distressing, wide plank flooring can give the impression of true Early American flooring but with all the modern benefits.   The natural beauty of wood fits into any décor and modern homes with open floor plans will benefit from these wood flooring options as well.

Wide plank wood flooring is typically more expensive because of material and labor cost. A wider plank also needs special handling during installation. Each board needs to be fitted properly then glued and nailed. Once set, it can be sanded and finished to your specifications.

Designers choose wide planks to achieve a look that you just cannot get with a less wide board or other type of flooring material. The story and warmth of the tree comes through a wider plank. Enhanced with color, your floor will have a look that will be like no other because the wood comes from just a few trees vs hundreds. Also, offering European oak gives us an even larger choice of different looks. From it’s aged looking color along with character grade  characteristics it’s no wonder it’s the choice of architects and designers nation wide.

It’s not hard to see these days why many folks are going for these types of floors. Call or email Sequoia wood flooring company and make an appointment for an in home consultation to see some of the most beautiful offerings on the market today.