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It’s pretty obvious that a natural product like wood is a better environmental choice for your home or office than flooring that is man made. Petroleum-based products like plastics and artificial composites are far from natural and have substantial negative impact on the world. But research has clearly shown even more compelling reasons that make wood flooring the best environmental choice for your building project.

Here are a few of those reasons:

  • Trees are a renewable resource, and yields are high, especially with new forestry management practices in place. According to the United States Forest Service, average annual net growth for hardwoods is now greater than average annual removals. That is a net positive unlike oil drilling that removes a resource that we cannot replenish.
  • While it takes most hardwood trees 40-60 years to mature, the National Wood Flooring Association [NWFA] reports that the inventory planted today won’t be needed for 100-plus years due to the long lifetime of wood products. This long service period for wood products is a direct result of properly trained and NWFA certified experts like Sequoia installing and maintaining wood flooring over the lifetime of the home or commercial building. With professional installation and care, wood flooring can last 100+ years, estimates the National Association of Home Builders!
  • The United States Environmental Protection Agency has also measured indoor air quality in buildings with wood versus man-made flooring and wood won hands-down. Chemical and petroleum fumes from artificial flooring products are emitted into the air, and products such as carpeting harbor mold and other allergens.It is much easier to clean wood floors than other surfaces. With perfect installation from the experts at Sequoia, wood flooring allows no place for germs, dampness, dirt, dust mites and other harmful elements to hide.
  • Wood flooring production uses less fuel than is required to make artificial flooring products. The carbon footprint of products such as vinyl tile or carpeting is quite high given the number of steps needed for processing into a useful product.
  • Wood is naturally a carbon neutral product. The University of Wisconsin Wood Products Program Solid Wood Flooring Life Cycle Analysis shows that trees produce oxygen during their growth cycle and actually store carbon dioxide during its service life.When wood is no longer useful in its current product state, it gives back as fuel by burning or can be recycled. There are also a number of new programs that re-purpose wood products into smaller items that allow for the old or damaged areas to be removed.

At Sequoia, we are proud to deliver a product that is not only naturally beautiful, but is a natural answer to the challenges our environment faces today! Give us a call to learn more about our wood flooring options.