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Did you know that when you go to one of those Big Box stores and buy any type of wood flooring they will go out and hire someone to install that floor in your home? Big box stores will go out and find people that know how to install flooring and all the proper ways to use that flooring. They will then forward the extra cost of this on to the customer.

Personally owned business like Sequoia has access to almost every type of wood. We have access to unfinished, pre-finished, engineered flooring, wide planks, and floating floors. We are able to buy factory direct which can be less expensive for our customers.  We can buy this wood at a less expensive price which allows us to get a little extra to create samples to bring directly to our customers home. This gives us the flexibility to sample each wood and talk with our customers to find exactly what our customers want.

Box stores sell wood flooring at a more expensive rate. When you walk into one of these stores you talk to someone that might not have the experience or knowledge of wood flooring. They are trained in the talking points but might not have the information you’re searching for. They might not know how it is installed or where it would be more of a fit in your home. How can you take advice on how to install wood flooring when the person giving you the advice has never done it. They know what they have been trained not by their experience.

Sequoia is NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) certified to install sand and finish any wood floor made today. Here at Sequoia we have employees with the skill and knowledge to handle any of your wood flooring needs. Before you head out and walk into a big box store think about what you want out of your wood flooring company.

Contact us if you would like more information on Sequoia’s certifications, different types of wood flooring, or how we can help find you the best wood flooring for your home. Check out our website for our sample photos coming soon.