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Refinishing your hardwood floors is a big project to take on. You want to make sure that safety is your number one priority. Among the obvious benefits of safety there are a few others as well. We will discuss a few of these topics in greater details to show exactly how each one can help you undertake this massive project.

First and foremost in any type of refinishing project is proper equipment. If you going to be sanding floors and taking off that top layer of wood there is going to be a lot of dust. Wearing goggles and a breathing mask are essential. The goggles will protect your eyes from any flying debris as well as being able to keep your eyes open for a better ability to see where you are sanding. A mask will keep all of the small particles from being breathed in. This will help keep your lungs functioning properly. The last thing you want is to start coughing when you’re swinging around a huge floor sander.

When you have finished sanding down your floor you will move on to the refinishing process. Whether its sealer or oil based polyurethane these are both dangerous chemicals. Take time to put some gloves on to protect from any types of splashing. Harsh chemicals can cause skin irritation as well as burns to any exposed skin. It is also important to wear a mask to keep out any harmful chemicals from being inhaled. These chemicals can and will make you sick if inhaled. Make sure to cover any exposed skin to prevent any bad chemical reactions.

When using a drum sander on your floor make sure to take frequent breaks. This is a big job and might take a considerable amount of time. Taking breaks will prevent the drum sander from overheating. If the drum sander overheats it will no longer function properly and leave your floor looking like a mess. The added benefit to taking frequent breaks it allows you to stretch and not get to tired. Using a drum sander over a long period of time may cause back pain. So unplug for a bit and stretch before continuing on.

The most important tip in any large household project is keeping a clean work area. When you’re done for the day or done with the project entirely make sure to unplug and stow away any and all power tools. Keep all power tools out of reach of children at all times. If your just taking a break for the night make sure you clean up and wood chips or nails or any other types of sharp objects that might have been laying around during your work time.

These are just some of the ways to keep your refinishing project safe. With any home project we want safety to be the top priority. Your new floor will be a stunning accomplishment of your work. Safety is the first thing you need to consider to accomplishing your goal of a brand new refinished hardwood floor.

Top 4 Safety Tips:

  • Proper equipment – Gloves, Goggles or eye protection, and Mask
  • Asbestos – Make sure to check with a local asbestos contractor before removing any hardwood floor
  • Drum Sander – Take frequent breaks when handling a drum sander. Overheating will cause your floor to come out looking like a mess.
  • Clean Worksite – Make sure to always keep a clean work area. Prevent any type of tripping or accidents involving chemicals by keeping your work area at all times. Stow away all power tools out of the reach of children.

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