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What does it mean to go “green” these days? Just search the web and you will find a million and one ways to go green.  Going green is about trying to be more ecofriendly. At Sequoia we understand the need to be “green” with all of our floor manufacturing. So let’s take a look at some of the ways to be more “green” with your flooring.

First and foremost you can’t really go wrong with wood flooring. There is nothing that says green like wood flooring. From the tree to your floor you can skip all the harsh chemicals and manufacturing of other types of flooring. Just think back to when you were a child running through the woods. The smell of the pines or the wet leaves freshly fallen on the ground. Wood flooring can take you back to these times when it was you and nature clean, refreshing, and beautiful.

With a great wood flooring the air quality in your home with improve. We all want to come home and smell a freshly cleaned home. This all starts with wood flooring. Whether it’s your children or your pets everyone wants clean air. Enhance your home with the best air quality you can provide through wood flooring.

If you walk out into your backyard and look at some of the bigger trees one thing you need to remember is how long have they been there. Most trees are hundreds of years old, which means a great wood flooring finish could last in your home for hundreds of years. This will save on the budget in the long run not having to replace flooring every few years. The less you have to spend on new flooring the more you can splurge on other parts of the house.

Last but by no means least in the going green idea is when and if you have to rip up this flooring or even a part of it what to do with it? This one is easy, its wood you burn it. Imagine what you might be burning if you went with other types of flooring. Wood is natural when you’re done with it you can burn it and it will not cause harm to the environment. At some point you may have to replace a portion of the flooring for one reason or another. Just have yourself a backyard campfire with your family or friends and burn that wood away.

Some of the wonderful benefits of using wood flooring and going “green”

  • Wood flooring can improve the air quality of your home.
  • Wood flooring can last long taking away the need to replace and spend more money on floors.
  • When you’re finished with the flooring or need to make a change you can burn it with no harmful effects to the environment.

Of course these are not the only ways that good wood flooring can help you go “green”. Take some time to look at our website and contact us to find out more ways that you can help the environment and make your neighbors a little “green” with envy.